How to be a father during Covid-19

    Durning New Years’ Eve we were mostly surrounded by Friends and Families. We were all celebrating New Years’ being optimistic about the future at hand. No one knew what was on its way over from China, but If you are a person who looks at the news daily, you would have known about the Deadly Virus in December. Unfortunately, things escalated and now we are here, but the question is now that we are here, what do we do with our time? We are either surrounded by Children in our own homes trying to work or stuck with our roommate that doesn’t like to play scrabble.

    Luckily for those of you who are surrounded by kids, I have good news! This is hopefully something you will enjoy reading. Those of you who have a roommate that doesn’t like to play scrabble… I will pray for you.

    As a father of four who works from home (number 5 is on the way,) I have quickly learned to stabilize my home by sacrificing time to make all my children feel appreciated, loved, and joyful. This is done by getting to know them and really have long conversations and asking them deep questions.

    Do you guys enjoy it when I’m working and being able to pretty much do whatever you guys like, as far as watching (“Bluey” – Disney Plus), playing with your siblings, and making forts, or would you like to see more of me?


    When I asked this question I literally thought I would get a different response. When I was younger all I wanted to do was play with my brother and make messes everywhere, and maybe it was because I was raised a certain way where it didn’t matter if my parents were around or not. Different times call for different measures and the response I got proved that to me.

    I would rather spend more time with you, I would love it if we all colored together, made forts, played soccer in the backyard, or bake cookies. I like to do all of those but it would be so much more fun with you.


    Are you seriously not joking right now?


    After that, I decided to grab a pen and paper and I started to write a list of all the fun things we can do together, and when I have time away from work I will make time to do them. We then decided to make a bucket filled with ideas and we would pull from the list bucket every day. As a father, there are a lot of things in our life that keep us distracted from all the important things in life, the important things are your relationship with God, spending time, and making memories with your family or friends. Or spending a little bit of time for yourself the way God would want you to. That’s how to be a father during Covid-19.

    Look there is a huge problem in the world and honestly, it is pretty easy to know what they are, some people probably don’t have as much as a problem as others but here is just a list of questions that you should ask yourself.

    Do I have a problem with Alcohol, or am I an Alcoholic?

    Drinking more than three times a week would be considered a little close to the edge of too much. Someone who continually looks for ways to go out and drink when you don’t have a job or very much money will probably have a problem. If you have had so much Alcohol where you have blacked out and the next day caused a lot of emotional pain to loved ones, you should quit drinking immediately, even if it has happened once. None of your alcoholic bar-hopping friends are going to say you have a problem, but I’m telling you… you do. That’s how to be a father during Covid-19.

    Am I surrounding myself with people that help me grow?

    If you notice that you are out with friends a lot and you are constantly checking your bank account to keep up with the “check,” you are probably at the wrong place at the wrong time. Although you probably have wealthy and financially free friends, do they have your best interest in mind? Are they invested in you as a friend or a playmate? I learned this in my late 20’s, but a good friend would never compromise your financial well being.

    Do I treat my Son/Daughter the way I was intended to raise them?

    Listen, I will cut to the chase; I hear many fathers and mothers, especially in the gaming community, NOT raising their children the way God intended. If you are atheist, you still don’t have an excuse to do this, but telling your kids to “Stop f’ing with the tv,” “Shut the hell up and eat your food,” “Don’t f’ing talk to me that way.” etc… STOP. If you didn’t want kids’ time to stop being self-centered and stop thinking or care about what YOU wanted. This world is no longer “My World.” It is “Our World” because now you are a group. Also, God has a plan for you whether you believe in him or not, and he doesn’t bless the wicked he smites them or forgives them if they confess and turn from their sin. That’s how to be a father during Covid-19.

    Am I being unselfish with my free time?

    I have this problem because I have four kids plus another one on the way! It was my choice to have children. It wasn’t their choice to have me as a parent. Whether they like it or not, they are the ones stuck with me, not the other way around; I could be an unloving evil parent and adopt them out. Listen, if you like to golf, play video games, watch movies and go out with your friends, great! Keep doing all of those things, but be honest to yourself with your time. If you look at your child and see that you can be making a memory with them, ponder on that a little bit longer and make a wise decision for once, beat your compulsive animalistic behavior. That’s how to be a father during Covid-19.

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